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August 6, 2022 

Another paper from Xu's postdoc work is published online at PNAS today! Read more here.

June, 2022 

Enjoying Boston summer with the first out-door journal club on the quad!

IMG_5415 (1).HEIC

July, 2022 

Two great news:

Our lab was award Pilot Feasibility Grant from Harvard Digestive Disease Center to study pH sensing in intestinal inflammation!

we also received Charles Hood Foundation Research Award to study myeloid-stromal interactions!


May, 2022 

Zhongyang shared our latest development of a new tool to identify direct cell-cell interactions at GI division floor meeting

First in-person meeting in a long while! Well done Zhongyang!

April, 2022 

Our bio-printer is here! Another cool science toy to study cell behavior in 3D!


May, 2022 

A couple good news for the lab:

We just received Kenneth Rainin Innovator Award!


We also received a research award from the G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Foundation joint with our friend&neighbor Ordovas-Montanes lab! 

HMS quard.heic

March 25, 2022 

Welcome Tyler to the lab for his Harvard Immunology Summer Intern Program!

March 7, 2022 

Xu is appointed as Associate Member of Broad Institute! Excited for the lab to join the Broad community!

Zhou compartment size regulation.png
Zhou compartment size regulation 2.png

Jan 18, 2022 

Our work on how sensing tissue microenvironment regulates the composition of macrophages is on Biorxiv!!!

December 19, 2021 

Holiday celebrations at the Squealing Pig after last lab meeting of 2021!  

2021 holiday celebration.jp2
IMG_1293 2.JPG

December 2021 

Enjoy the splendid views from our lab dust to dawn! Credit to Diya and Zhongyang!

November 23, 2021 

Super excited with our first in-person lab outing exploring Sichuan food with our neighbors! Also a pre-celebration of the Thanksgiving!  

2021 thanksgiving_edited.jpg

September 2021 

Welcome our first postdoctoral fellow Zhongyang Wu!


Zhongyang just graduated with Ph.D. from Tsinghua University in China and will explore myeloid-stromal interactions!


October 2021 

Super excited for our first robotic member in the lab! 

June 2021 

Welcome Diya Anand to the lab!


Diya just finished her B.S. in Biology and will start in the lab as a Research Assistant!

May 2021


Xu chaired a block symposium at AAI 2021 and presented our work on environmental control of innate immune response in macrophages!

Homeostasis at three levels.png

April 2021


Check out our review on tissue homeostasis and inflammation published on Annual Review Immunology, with Matt, Ruth and Ruslan! 

January 2021


Zhou lab officially opens its doors in the Enders Building at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School!

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