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Science happens across the boundaries of labs, universities, and geographic locations. We share with the scientific community our published and unpublished data sets, experimental protocols, computational codes, and reagents. Details are coming soon! 

Online seminars

COVID pandemic taught us a different way of keeping up with the latest work around the globe. Here are some of the best online seminar series we found and they are open to everyone!

Global Immunetalks 


Early Career Immunology


Microenvironmental Sensing by fibroblasts controls tissue composition.
Zhou*, Franklin*, et al., 2022. PNAS.

Fibroblast expression at different density (density-dependent genes, expression table, sequencing deposit)

Fibroblast expression at different stress conditions (sequencing deposit)

Yap1 ChIP (sequencing deposit)

notes: density-dependent genes in fibroblasts were initially determined using sleuth program ( taking into account of batch-to-batch variation), with criteria of > 2 TPM and adjusted p-value < 0.05, fold change > 1.5-fold (1826 genes). To prevent over-fitting, we then added a customized algorithm to evaluate the consistency between biological replicates. In combination of the two, we have identified 1639 density-dependent genes in MEFs. 

Circuit Design Features of a Stable Two-cell System.
Zhou*, Franklin*, Adler* et al., 2018. Cell.

Expression of macrophages and fibroblasts (expression table, sequencing deposit)

Time-course imaging of macrophage-fibroblast co-culture (unpublished data, dropbox link)

Phase portraits and other data used to generate main figures (dropbox link)




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